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About Us

About us


Growing up at my grandparents farm gave me the love for all kind of animals. 

Grandpa was raising racing horses, and of course in the backcountry we had cows, moutons, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys, it we probably had one.  

Originally from Hungary, coming from a low income family, my vacations were at the farm  

and my birthday gifts were animals, 

all my childhood.

So I guess, my adult life was predictable...

as a pet professional I'm operating an aquatic wellness center for animals, 

I got lucky, it gives me the lifetime experience and I'am forever grateful to work in a daily basis with mostly dogs, cats, sometimes deers, pigs, monkeys...

I do participate to seminars, workshops regularly, do as many research I have time  to educate myself the best 

so I can share my knowledge with these

 I come in contact with. 

I live, sleep, eat, play, train with my dogs every day. 

I do show and compete with them, 

Every events you will meet us I will be 

the other end of their leash. 

I feel blessed having built a priceless friendship with my professional handlers and some same minded dog breeders 

and dog owners.

We do compete in dock diving, lure cursing, rally obedience, currently learning hunting, and most importantly we play a lot everyday!!!!  I love to make them happy as much as they making my life happier.

After 15 years of breeding Labrador Retrievers, I said good bye to my last precious boy a month before I got my first Barbet. I was waiting for her for 1 and 1/2 years.  I was fortunate to meet a Barbet in the South of France in the late 80's, and I fell in love with him immediately. with his joyful personality, his friendly, sweet behavior. 

I promised myself that 

one day I will have one.

This year I'm about to add our third Barbet

 to my family !

.I guess my dream came through 

and my life is complete. 

I adore my girls, they are my family. 

Breeding is my passion, 

I do it with all my heart, 

I'm proud to be one of the guardians

of this ancient and rare breed.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


Our dogs are living with us in the house, in the green suburbs on a 1 acre fenced property, sleeping in our bed and couch, 

We are going on vacation together. 

Our puppies are born in home, 

with a 24/7 surveillance, 

we work with a mobile veterinary care for all their first needs who comes to us, 

Parents and puppies are raw diet fed right off  the milk bar, we do believe that is a healthy natural start. 

We do not require you will feed your dog raw, but we do believe that a well balanced diet is the key of a healthy dog with a minimum  chemical addition. 

The diet can be other than pure raw, today there are many other options on the market,

 We do  DNA health testing and temperament testing on our puppies and try to place the best fit with you, 

We follow a program called Puppy Culture for development. 

We do not breed for color, nor can't guarantee the sex of a litter. 

We carefully choose the mating partner, spending hours and hours to seek for the best fit to expect  the healthiest puppies possible.

More specific wishes you have for your puppy longer the waiting list can be. 

Keep it in mind, the Barbet is a rare breed, we do not breed "a go go" neither we breed every year, only when we have a full waiting list with seriously screened households, 

So the waiting time can be between 6 months sometimes to two years. 

Be patient. 

Once you have your Barbet you would never say it wasn't worth to wait! 

A Furever Friend


The Barbet is a rare, versatile, intelligent, easily trainable, sweet disposition dog 

who absolutely loves water.. 

If you are interested to train them for therapy work, sporting performance, hiking or hunting buddy, don't look further, 

you found your best match. They do not shed as they don't have fur but wooly hair that requires regular brushing and grooming.

Single, family with or without children  or just about to start a new family, 

you are about to add a new member 

to your life. 

This requires commitment.

We are seeking for people/family who are including the dog in their own lives, 

in the daily routine.

I have a long puppy application. 

Please take your time to think through, 

My right choice to place the right companion for a lifetime will be based on with how much information you shared.

With each puppy going to a new home, 

I feel like I'm adding new family members to my own family. 

Getting a puppy from me will give you a 

lifetime support, hopefully along with a lifetime friendship. 

We do have get-togethers, birthday parties, weekend camping adventures 

if you wish to join with yours 

I could not be happier. 

I know my Barbets absolutely love company, seeing to grow the offsprings 

will make me feel like an accomplished 'Grandma".

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