what about the Barbet.....?


Where to meet a Barbet?

Allthought a Barbet is a rare dog, you can see them at some AKC competitions and performing events all over the country all year long. Here is the links to the breeders list in the USA and Canada, surely you will find one in a driving distance. 





Ask us about the shows and competitions we will be currently attending. 

We would love to meet you!

The reasons you should not get a Barbet

You don't enjoy to brush hair,, you will not like to brush your dog.. Barbet requires brushing once a week to maintain a tangle free and healthy coat.

You are not an outdoorsy person. Don't like mud, dirt, leaves, branches, sticky plants. Your Barbet will bring all these things at home, so each time you are hiking or going to do some outdoor activities  you will need some brushing to  clean him. 

You don't like wet dog faces. Well, Barbets are bearded dogs, so after drinking, that beard will be not dry...lol...

You work long hours. You don't have a petsitter for lunch time. Barbets don't do well left alone for long hours and and can develop destructive behavior because of boredom.  Get a stuffed dog instead.

You don't like to see your shadow. Barbets are shadows. They will be next to you, the closest possible, following you everywhere. Not a needy way. They just like to be with you. All the time.lol.

You don't like affection. Get a stuffed animal. Barbets are hugging teddy bears. Really..

You don't like to get attention. Well, as soon you will be out there, your Barbet will get attention. Get used to it or get a stuffed animal.

Seriously, your Barbet has a tick, wooly coat. Everything is getting sticked to it. You can always keep the coat short, it will be easier to maintain. Remember, weekly brushing, and grooming every 6-8 weeks will be a lifetime commitment.